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Transport and Environment (T & E),  Brussels-based organisation lobbying for sustainable transport

Taming Aviation, Europe-wide citizen’s organisation calling for an end to tax subsidies for aviation and an end to night flights

Finance & Trade Watch, radical group campaigning for system change

Stay Grounded, a growing network (being set up, April 2018)


Brussels Airport campaigners: Bruxelles Air Libre Brussel; Actie Noordrand; Wake Up Kraainem; Sterrebeek2000; BurgerForum Luchthavenregio

Ostend campaigners: Wiloo


Germany-wide organisation mainly concerned about noise:

Robin Wood, Germany-wide lobbying and action group for sustainable transport

Munich campaigners:

Young Friends of the Earth Munich

Frankfurt campaigners: Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen Frankfurt;;

Leipzig campaigners:;

Hamburg campaigners:;;

Koln campaigners:


UFCNA: France-wide organisation of airport campaign groups

ACIPA, opponents of proposed new Nantes Airport

Paris-Beauvais Tillé campaigners: ADERA


Amsterdam campaigners:

Schiphol residents ORS

LBBL, Landelijk Bewonersberaad Luchtvaart starting with the action Stop Luchtvaartgroei on June 23, 2018; pooling of regional action groups

Platform Vlieghinder Castricum

Red de Veluwe, opposing low flying to and from the new Lelystad Airport


Vienna campaigners:


Barcelona campaigners:


Stockholm campaigners:


Zurich campaigners:

Basel campaigners:

Geneva campaigners:


AirportWatch, national grassroots network

Aviation Environment Federation, NGO which lobbies exclusively on aviation

Plane Stupid, direct action network

Heathrow campaigners:

Stansted campaigners:

Gatwick campaigners:

Belfast campaigners:


Outside Europe

Montréal-Trudeau campaigners: