How aircraft nuisances can be reduced

Aircraft nuisances can be reduced in many ways. Here we list a number of ways. We invite everybody to come with new, better and additional ways. There is only one condition: the method must be put into practice or in progress. Therefore we ask for a practical example. Or it must be a very promising brand new idea…

We distinguish various actors that can stimulate the reduction: European rules (E), governments (G), the aviation sector (A), air traffic control (T), scientific institutes (S), industry (I) and of course pressure of residents (R).

The measures are presented in alphabetical order. The links are examples.


MeasuresApplied atClarificationActors
Better spatial planningWhere's no housing shortageThere are too many examples of building under flight paths... Protests can help.R
CapsSchipholA cap of 500,000 flight movements a year up to 2021, including max. 29,000 night flights.A, G, M, R
Compensate communitiesSchiphol ZwanenburgCompensate communities with social services and green.A, G
Flying CDA'sNot to busy airportsContinious Descent Approach causes a smoother flight path and less noise.T
Help for moving house...When people are really getting mad, it is better to have them move. Financial help helps.G, M
Insulate homesSchipholThere are funds for insulating homes.A, G
Live informationSchiphol (6 runways)Live information about runway use can help people adapt there plans.A, T
Measuring & maintainTel AvivMeasure aircraft noise, and maintain where levels are too high, e.g. penalties for flying off track.G
More silent enginesAll aircraft factoriesThere are many developments going to make aircraft engines quieter.I, S
More silent flightsAll aircraft factoriesBy improving the aerodynamics of aircraft much noise reduction can be achieved.I, S
Move the airportAthens, OsloBy bothering more people less, some others will get more nuisances. But it is a principle.G
Optimise flight pathsSchipholBy bothering more people less, some others will get more nuisances. But it is a principle.T
Reduce ground noiseSchiphol HoofddorpGround ridges between start lanes and residential centres can reduce ground noise.A, G
Reduce night flightsFrankfurtUnder pressure of the residents there are no night flights any more from the main airport.R, M
Sound Noise LimitsEU airportsLimitation of noise impacts on people and spatial limitation of noise impacts.E, G
Steeper decentEU airports, e.g. HeathrowMay lead to less noise on the ground. To be researched: see our news itemS
Strict rulesBrusselsEU airport noise restrictionsE, G
Taxes and chargesOsloIn 2016 Norway introduced an air passenger tax, which hunted Ryanair away.G