Dutch residents made a series of videos about aviation policy in their country. Some of them were also recorded in English. You’ll find nine of them below.
The Dutch videos can be viewed with subtitles in any language. We particularly recommend video 35 (Waarom Schiphol moet en kan krimpen / Why Schiphol Airport must  and can shrink), because it summarizes all the issues surrounding aviation. For the subtitles, click on the rectangular icon at the bottom of the video to turn them on. Then click on the settings icon to choose your language.


Aviation Noise: Stealthily Violence

What is happening in the Netherlands?

Aviation and the power of ICAO

Limiting flights by heart or by court

Aviation as a debilitating illness

Towards an alternative Aviation Bill

The elephant in the room

An Offer of Two Cups of Coffee

Looking for a new CEO of Schiphol