Greens propose a re-examination of the future development of European airports


January 24, 2017 there was the Seminar ‘What future for European airports?’
For UECNA Dominique Lazarski attended the meeting.

In the Brussels Region and its periphery, successive plans for the use and development of Brussels airport have consistently provoked vivid opposition among citizens and associations. The question of noise pollution is an ongoing challenge.

At European level many citizen-led initiatives are vocal on the issue. Through petitions and demonstrations. At the same time there are serious concerns about the new proposal for an ‘EU Aviation Strategy’. That plan is being discussed in the European Parliament. This proposal is designed to further protect the airlines. It stimulates the development of the aviation sector instead of protecting quality of life.

The Greens consider it indispensable to define safeguards surrounding the future development of European airports. They regard three key aspects. One:  make better use of airport infrastructures. Two: the protection of quality of life and the rules for night flights. Three: transparency and consultation.

Building upon best practice from across Europe, the Greens propose a re-examination of the development of European airports.


(Photo: Ana Statkova)