The key issues of UECNA

Many cohort studies around the world show the impact of noise and emissions on the health of residents in the vicinity of airports. From the discussions with various stakeholders, we note that there is little discussion on those negative impacts of the aviation sector.

Numerous studies show that noise and emission most often result in a loss of valuation of properties in the vicinity of airports. The property values are inversely related with noise.

With lower property values, the towns and villages near airports attract poorer inhabitants. Thus there is less income for the territories. Many council housing are built so it is often the poorer that are subject to the main pollutions.  They can only afford to live in such polluted areas.

Mitigations measures are not sufficient. In many places they are not even financed. Example given the main airports near Paris: Charles de Gaulle, Le Bourget and Orly. The noise insulation works cannot be carried out for lack of funding! And they are often not sufficient. If you may lock yourself in an insulated house, you cannot fight against emissions which you cannot even see…

Negative impacts of air transport have long been recognized. But there is yet no economic valuation of those impacts. Although it is a highly subsidized sector through energy  tax exemption on jet fuel and exemption of VAT on air fares for instance.

On the page Strategies: (Y)our List we make a list of possible ways to reduce aircraft nuisances. Your input is needed!