EANS European Noise Measurement System

EANS, European Aircraft Noise Services, is an umbrella organisation measuring disturbing aircraft noises. Published via the internet, those measures provide solid arguments to support individuals and organisations fighting against aircraft noise disturbances.
EANS keeps an eye on European airports activities and supports requests for night flight bans which disturb night sleep for residents living close to airports.

EANS web site offers information on :

  • Data on noise measure, flight paths and live trajectory of aircraft.
  • Daily, monthly and yearly statistics on aircraft noise and airport activities..

How to access data and stats on EANS?

  • Enter the EANS website.
  • Choose your language at the top menu on the map.
  • Select the country for which to access data and stats.
  • Select the region among those circled in red.
  • Select your option and click on continue.
  • If you select measured data, choose a monitoring point and click on continue.
  • To understand the noise measurement graph, click on the explanation tab below the graph.

For some countries, it is possible to send an aircraft noise complaint from the web site to selected airports. EANS provides a detailed explanation on how to proceed to send the complaint.