Who we are

UECNA, Union Européenne Contre les Nuisances Aériennes, was founded in 1968 by three citizens who suffered from aircraft noise: Maitre Guillot, a lawyer from Paris (Orly – France), André Looten, from Geneva (Switzerland) and Pasteur Kurt Oeser from Frankfurt (Germany).

UECNA is still today the sole umbrella organisation gathering the interest of people overflown by aircraft and suffering from aircraft noise and emissions with members from all over Europe.

UECNA members are national organisations, regional active groups or local residents fighting against the noise of one airport. Aircraft noise and emissions are growing environmental problems of today’s air traffic and mobility. Their major impact on human health is not to be demonstrated anymore: numerous diseases are now definitely associated with such pollution.

Legal recognition

President Dominique Lazarski dlazarski@uecna.eu France
Secretary Martin Kessel mkessel@uecna.euGermany
TreasurerManfred Petermpeter@uecna.euAustria
Vice-PresidentJohn Stewartjohnstewart2@btconnect.comUnited Kingdom
Board memberMike Gerard mgerard@uecna.eu Switzerland
Board memberAlain Peri alain.peri16@gmail.com France
Board memberEleftheria Emfietzi temfietzi@gmail.com Greece
Board memberWouter Looman wlooman@xs4all.nl Netherlands
CountryOrganisationContact PersonMail AddressTelephone
AustriaARGE gegen Fluglärm / Consortium against Aircraft NoiseManfred Peterarge.bsdialog@gmail.com +43 679 407 08 27
BelgiumBALB – Bruxelles Air Libre BrusselsJürgen Vogelgesang j.vogelsang@scarlet.be +32 487 741 041
BelgiumAWACCSFrederic Petitfredericpetit@skynet.be+32 27 84 39 12
BelgiumSterrebeek 2000Luc Caluwaertsinfo@sterrebeek2000.be+32 46 81 78 857
FranceUFCNA – Union Française Contre les Nuisances des AéronefsAlain Périalain.peri16@gmail.com+33 607 730 824
FranceADERADominique Lazarskidlazarski.uecna@gmail.com+33 630 826 593
FranceDRAPO - Défense Riverain Aéroport Paris OrlyGérard Bouthierpresident@drapo.info
FranceElan Savigny EnvironnementDominique Catérinipresident@elan-savigny-environnement.org+33 184 18 00 92
FranceANA – Alerte Nuisances AériennesLuc Offensteinluc-offenstein@wanadoo.fr+33 665 64 47 01
FranceADVOCNARFrançoise Brochot francoise.brochot@aliceadsl.fr+33 679 51 25 60
GermanyBVF – Bundes Vereinigung gegen FluglärmHorst Weiseweise@dfld.de
GermanyDFLD – Deutscher Fluglärmdienst / European Aircraft Services (EANS)Martin Kesselkessel@dfld.de
GermanyBBI – Bündnis der BürgerinitiativenKein Flughafenausbaubuero@flughafen-bi.de
GreeceEnvironmental HarmonyPapangelis Thanasis
Eirini Pitsigavdaki
GreeceEnvironmental Noise in the EUEleftheria Emfietzi
+30 693 709 84 49
NetherlandsWerkgroep Vliegverkeer Bijlmermeer AmsterdamWouter Loomanwlooman@xs4all.nl+31 612 77 84 03
NetherlandsORS – Bewoners Omgeving SchipholMatt Poelmansorsoegstgeest@gmail.com+31 620 36 00 60
NetherlandsBTV Rotterdam AirportBreedveldVerenigingBTV@outlook.com+31 6 180 533 66
SpainProu SorollJosep Velasco Ramirezvelascojjvv@gmail.com
SwedenAktionsgruppen mot BrommaflygetKent Carlenäskent.carlenas@gmail.com+46 701 71 16 39
SwitserlandARAG – Association des Riverains de l’Aéroport de GenèveMike Gerardmike_gerard@bluewin.ch+41 227 827 787
+41 787 100 298
SwitserlandSBFB - Schutzverband der Bevölkerung um den Flughafen BaselPaul Mazenauerinfo@sbfb.ch+41 79 763 99 49
SwitserlandSchutzverband der Bevölkerung um den Flughafen ZürichLucas Metzgerinfo@schutzverbandzuerich.ch +41 44 850 11 81
United KingdomHACAN - Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft NoiseJohn Stewartjohnstewart2@btconnect.com+44 7957 385 650

Why join us?


  • We need to put our voices together to be heard by the European institutions. Today, the aviation lobby is so powerful that it is very difficult for the people in flight paths to be heard.
  • If you want to participate in larger debates on the future of aviation, UECNA is where you have to belong.
  • We need your support, not just financial, although we also need the finance, but if you have technical knowledge, we may need your help.
  • You may just want to support our actions, without actually working with us and this will also be appreciated.
  • You will take part in the annual general meeting and you may have a possibility to be represented and work at the level of the board of directors if seats are available


How to join us?


Should you want to join us, you may contact by email any of the board members or use the contact form . You should specify the details and the aim of your organisation together with a description of your activities.

Your candidacy will be examined by the board of directors and the decision you will be notified to you.

You may contact us in the following ways :

  • Telephone:
    • Dominique Lazarski: +33 630 826 593
  • Mail :
    • Dominique Lazarski: dlazarski@uecna.eu
    • Post :
      • Registered address: Rue d’Edimbourg, 26 – 1050 Bruxelles – Belgique
      • Dominique Lazarski: BP 8 – 60112 Milly-sur-Thérain – France

You may use the contact form