UECNA supports the work Taming Aviation


Dr Susanne Heger and Dr Jutta Leth, both attached to Citizens’ Initiative against Aircraft Noise in Vienna West, are the initiators of this petition. Their objective is to draw the European Parliament’s attention and bring change to aviation politics.

The signatories of the petition request:

  • to impose an absolute and unconditional ban on night flights (landing and take-off) at all European airports for an uninterrupted eight-hour interval as a minimum standard of protection for human health;
  • to impose Energy Tax on aviation fuel within the shortest possible time, in the interim to lift the suspension of EU-ETS for aviation;
  • to abolish any form of VAT zero-rating and VAT exemptions of airline tickets and to include aviation into the VAT tax system of the European Union at standard rates;
  • to prohibit any form of incentive at European airports, such as subsidies, kick-backs and rebates, and to ensure that infrastructure services of airports have to be provided on the basis of general, comprehensive and transparent tariffs.

The petition was filed on 18 November 2014 at a meeting at the European Parliament hosted by Keith Taylor, a European parliamentary from the UK.

Taming aviation photo petition