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Support for airlines is bottomless pit

The Dutch government recently presented a new Aviation Bill. It led to massive criticism because it is entirely based on growth without asking how much aviation does the Netherlands actually need. So we present an alternative vision that will not destroy the economy, but that benefits everyone.

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Video: The Elephant in the Room

Dutch citizens have made a video about aviation policy in the Netherlands. The government is ignoring the public interests of residents living near Schiphol with regard to liveability, health, safety and climate. The policy is always aimed at the growth of the private airline company KLM. Schiphol is primarily a transfer airport.

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Short-term exposure to ufp increases risk of cardiac arrest

Even a short exposure to a low amount of ultra fine particles increases the risk of cardiac arrest. This emerges from large-scale research in Japan. The researchers are urgently calling for stricter standards. ‘Our study supports recent evidence that there is no safe level of air pollution,’ said cardiologist Kazuaki Negishi of the University of […]

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Plans Schiphol for 40,000 extra flights: angry reaction

After 2020, the Dutch government has allowed Schiphol to grow to a maximum of 540 thousand flight movements per year. Growth is only permitted if the aviation sector can demonstrate that the nuisance to the immediate environment is reduced, for example due to quieter and cleaner aircraft. Citizen’s organisations think minister Van Nieuwenhuizen’s proposal to […]

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