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33 NGOs call for reduction impact of air transport

Dear Presidents of the European Commission, European Council, and European Parliament, In the context of the current climate and health crises, we, the undersigned organisations, demand that action be taken in response to the newly released updated analysis of the non-CO2 climate impacts of aviation by the European Commission, as required by the 2017 ETS […]

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EU doubts about COP21 CO2 rules

[metaslider id=5556] Aviation is far away from reaching Paris climate targets after the European Commission proposed not to regulate CO2 from flights from and to Europe, wrote Transport & Environment on February 3. Reuters also reports that foreign flights slip under the radar of EU emissions limits.

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The dark side of air transport

A good brochure on emissions by aviation affecting climate change and citizens’ health with some consideration on economic aspects. Written by a group of activists defending the point of view of the citizens, this brochure is mostly in French with the good parts in English (summary, introduction and conclusion). You will find it here : […]

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A Petition to Include Air Transport in the COP 21

Air Transport should be included in the COP 21 discussion - a PETITION French environmental and residents groups together with UECNA: UFCNA - UNION FRANCAISE CONTRE LES NUISANCES DES AERONEFS FNE - FRANCE NATURE ENVIRONNEMENT  FNE IdF - FRANCE NATURE ENVIRONNEMENT ILE-DE-FRANCE  have signed a commun statement that can be found here :       [...]
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