Union Européenne Contre les Nuisances des Avions

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Our Mission




UECNA is an independant organisation aiming at protecting population under planes flight paths

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UECNA works at European level

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Air traffic has negative impacts on health due to the noise and the pollution and may have adverse economic effects for the residents in the vicinity of airports.

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Air transport and airport related activities are responsible for noise pollution and the emission of toxic pollutants. The noise – especially at night – and the pollutants have both proven to have serious adverse  effects on human health in particular on high blood pressure leading to cardiovascular diseases and even death.


People’s health is precious and needs respect and protection.


All the stakeholders, ie. operators of airports, air carriers and aircraft builders but also the aviation administrations and politicians, should take into consideration the populations who suffer from the impact of air traffic. Today, the aviation lobby is so powerful that is it very difficult for the people living in flight paths to be heard.


We want to be the voice of all residents living in the vicinity of airports in Europe.


Because airports are all in competition with one another, any restrictions applicable to one airport will be considered a disadvantage when compared to other airports. Therefore, restrictions will only be accepted if they are applied to all airports. We want to work with the European commission and the European Parliamentarians to ensure that flight path residents have a voice.


The future of all of our aiports will be decided at a European level.