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Dig For Victory!

One of the key agreements at the COP26 climate change summit currently taking place in Glasgow is a commitment to stop global deforestation by 2030 and then begin to replenish the world’s tree cover. We all need to play our part and so today (6 November 2021) volunteers from Stansted Airport Watch began planting more […]

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More flights to the sun than in October 2019

In April 2021 McKinsey saw leisure aviation recovering faster than business or freight, higher fares for a period and some restructuring of routes & the type of aircraft used. Now we can say that McKinsey was right. Flights to the sun are full and there are even more flights to destinations around the Mediterranean than […]

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Noise destroys health more than air pollution

Heart attacks, stress, reduced immune defences… A report from l’Ademe, the French Ecological Transition Agency, shows the impressive damage to health caused by noise, particularly from cars and two-wheelers. Damage totally ignored by the authorities. Is our society finally taking the measure of the real damage caused by ambient noise? Launched on September 20 by […]

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Climate activists blocked truck access to DHL freight airport

July 9, 2021, Schkeuditz. Climate justice activists blocked truck access to the German DHL freight airport Leipzig/Halle for two hours on the night of Friday 9 to Saturday 10 July. They were arrested by the police after a spontaneous demonstration around midnight and taken into custody. With the action, the activists oppose the expansion plans […]

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UECNA Calls For A Night Ban On Drones And Flying Taxis

UECNA, which represents communities around many of Europe’s main airports, has said in its response (1) to an EU consultation on drones (2) that late evening and night flying would be unacceptable. Dominique Lazarski, the President of UECNCA, 'We are not talking about small toy drones. These are machines which will be carrying freight and [...]
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Can graphene-based material reduce aircraft noise?

A ‘meringue-like’ graphene based material could reduce aircraft engine noise by up to 80 per cent, claim researchers at Bath University. Aerogel in honeycomb structure. Image credit: Bath University The graphene oxide-polyvinyl alcohol aerogel weighs 2.1kg per cubic metre, which is said to be the lightest sound insulation ever manufactured. The team believes that, when [...]
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