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Video: The Elephant in the Room

Dutch citizens have made a video about aviation policy in the Netherlands. The government is ignoring the public interests of residents living near Schiphol with regard to liveability, health, safety and climate. The policy is always aimed at the growth of the private airline company KLM. Schiphol is primarily a transfer airport.

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Schiphol/KLM: smart international transport needed

The Dutch government wants to prevent home carrier KLM from going down due to the corona crisis. The transfer network at Schiphol must be saved in order to keep essential economic centers in the world accessible to top sectors in the Netherlands. At the same time, the Cabinet believes that sustainability and the environment must […]

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Talks to reach broad deal on Schiphol growth failed

Efforts to reach a widely-backed agreement on how Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport can grow past 2020 have failed. Residents, local authority officials and environmentalists don’t accept any further growth of Schiphol at the moment. Now it’s up to the central government to decide. Although a majority of the parties in the Lower Chamber has aviation growth […]

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‘Dutch cabinet should stop growth of Schiphol’

Dutch politicians must withstand the pressure from Schiphol By: Pieter Klok, commentator of De Volkskrant, a leading Dutch newspaper, April 3 The verb ‘to schiphol’ gets a new meaning. Until recently, the word stood for ‘adjusting the calculation method so that the noise pollution disappears as if by magic and the airport can continue to […]

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Petition against growth of Schiphol Airport

On February 7 citizens around Schiphol presented a petition to the Dutch parliament’s Lower Chamber WE Residents Environment Schiphol ASCERTAIN The development of Schiphol is not in balance with the environment because Schiphol Airport grows faster than agreed, while the noise abatement remains; From the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) shows that instead of a spectacular […]

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