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The dark side of air transport

A good brochure on emissions by aviation affecting climate change and citizens’ health with some consideration on economic aspects. Written by a group of activists defending the point of view of the citizens, this brochure is mostly in French with the good parts in English (summary, introduction and conclusion). You will find it here : […]

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The elephants in the room

Aviation is not included in the discussion at COP 21! Although aviation plans to double its traffic in the next 20 years, there is no agreement on the reduction of its emissions and there will not be one at COP 21 as is has been excluded from the talks. UECNA supports Transport & Environment’s action which […]

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Joint Communiqué of people and municipalities affected by air, road and train noise for the European elections 2014 We are calling on candidates for the European Parliament to use their influence to finally control the growing environmental impact of noise caused by aircraft, roadways and railway traffic through appropriate measures, providing the necessary budgets and […]

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