Aviation will burn through world’s CO2 budget

If the aviation industry is allowed to continue growing as it does now, by 2070 the travel sector alone emits more CO2 than the rest of the world. And then the sector also consumes all ‘CO2 space’ on its own for the entire world. According to Paul Peeters, who recently obtained his doctorate on a study into the CO2 emissions of the travel industry, the growth of the sector cannot be curbed with the usual means.

The only way to get the aviation sector under control is setting strict rules. For example to allocate CO2 emissions from aviation to countries. Instead of growing, Schiphol would have to shrink from 500 thousand to 300 thousand flights per year. It would be even better if the world makes agreements about the number of flights that are still allowed and, for example, limits the number of airports. Or the size of the air fleets. This kind of agreements have also been made when it comes to fishing and manure, so why not about aviation?

(This is a translation of parts of an article in de Volkskrant (leading Dutch newspaper) from November 28)