USA for looser standards for LTO of supersonic aircraft

UECNA regrets the decision of the United States to build a specific noise standard for landing and take off (LTO) operations of supersonic aeroplanes. We hope that the FAA will review the proposed standard waiting for an agreement at ICAO level and in any case that the standard will be as stringent as those applicable to new subsonic jet aircraft of the same category.

Many countries and also ICAO have thus taken the position that environmental noise, and in particular aviation noise, is a concern and have addressed it through a willingness to reduce noise at source from aeroplanes. At ICAO level, this is addressed in the balanced approach which is now applied in many ICAO member states. The first pillar, and the one considered the most important, is the reduction of noise at source.

Accepting noise standards for the landing and take off operations of supersonic aircraft which are not as stringent as those applied for subsonic aircraft negates all the efforts made to reduce noise at source.

UECNA has written a letter to comment on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on supersonic aircraft noise as contribution to the public consultation on their noise certification.

Download the letter sent by UECNA.