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Talks to reach broad deal on Schiphol growth failed

Efforts to reach a widely-backed agreement on how Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport can grow past 2020 have failed. Residents, local authority officials and environmentalists don’t accept any further growth of Schiphol at the moment. Now it’s up to the central government to decide. Although a majority of the parties in the Lower Chamber has aviation growth […]

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A Radical New Plan for Aviation

By Adam Klauber & Isaac Toussie of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)* Aviation needs a radical new plan to achieve its climate goals. Industry emissions are growing faster than original forecasts and long-term solutions are nowhere in sight. By 2020, carbon dioxide from aviation will reach 1 gigaton per year and the industry will contribute between 3% […]

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Just published: European Aviation Environmental Report

The core aim of this renewed 2019 report is to provide an objective, clear and accurate source of information on the environmental performance of the aviation sector at the European level. You can read the executive summery in English or download it in other languages. There you can also find the complete report. UECNA participated […]

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Here’s how to green ticket taxes for flights

Transport & Environment, 12 December 2018, Brussels Flight ticket taxes which were first introduced solely to raise revenue can be restructured to deliver greater environmental benefits, a new independent study has found. From taxing the carbon content of fuels to charging planes based on their fuel efficiency, EU governments have several options to encourage airlines […]

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Transport white paper – midterm assessment

Presentation of the midterm assessment   On 12 November 2015, the European Commission presented the public study at midterm of the 2011 transport white paper. Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc opened the meeting by recalling the five core areas of the white paper (i) a single transport market, (ii) an internal market, (iii) sustainable transport, (iv) smart transport and […]

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