Flying is too cheap…


Flying is too cheap…

Now you can fly from Amsterdam to Malaga and return for € 56 *. This means € 0.015 per kilometre! Isn’t that cheap? We think it’s too cheap!

Wouldn’t it be time to set a minimum price per kilometre? To counteract all these unnecessary attacks on health and environment? What do you think? We can talk about what to do with the revenues later.

How do you think about a minimum price per flown kilometre?

* Headers of advertisements go even cheaper, but easyJet 27/6 – 10/7 shows € 56.13 for a round trip, divided by 2 x 1,884 km = € 0.015 per km; checked on 27/11/2017.

Cartoon: coutesy of Renske de Greef

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