Good aviation news from EU Parliament


Good aviation news from EU Parliament

Andrew Murphy from T+E, with who UECNA cooperates closely on aviation issues, reports a positive outcome on the aviation ETS vote in the EU Parliament today. ‘This is a big boost for Europe’s right to regulate its aviation emissions, and so opens the doors to a lot more.’ To summarise the highlights:

  • An annually declining cap, the so called Linear Reduction Factor applied for aviation from 2021 – aviation must now decarbonise like all other sectors. A world first.
  • Stop the clock reinstated: The exclusion of international flights is not indefinite, but only until the end of 2020 and subject to a review.
  • Auctioning increased to 50% and all revenues earmarked for climate finance.
  • Addition of a more detailed review examining the ambition, transparency and overall environmental integrity of the global deal and a report on how the EU could implement the international agreement through a revision of the EU ETS.
  • Commission required to come forward with proposals to address aviation’s non-CO2 effects by 2020.

See T+E’s PR and Carbon Market Watch’s here. We will now need to focus on Council specifically as it concerns the snap back date and auctioning amounts.

Posted by Wouter Looman  Posted on 13 Sep 
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