Nearly 500 tons of fuel dumped over Germany

Alliance 90 / The Greens in Germany asked the federal government how much fuel was discharged in 2017 by military and civil aircraft. Military as well as civil aircraft dispose of fuel over populated areas. In these so-called fuel dumpings is often not known how much fuel is exactly drained or which specific areas are affected.

According to its own statements, the federal government assumes that the soil is contaminated and can not rule out health damage to humans and animals (Bundestag printed matter 18/9917).

The main question was: How much fuel was in the sum per year in 2016 and 2017 drained by military and civil aircraft (please by year, breakdown of military and civilian aircraft)? The answer is astonishing:

201622,7 tons468,9 tons
201789,5 tons490 tons

Specifications you can find here.

In total Alliance 90 / The Greens had nine questions. You can find them, with the answers here (in German, pdf).