Smart transport package saves 9 million tons of CO2

Amsterdam, 23 July – Calculations by CE Delft, commissioned by Friends of the Earth Netherlands, show that the government can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 9 million tonnes of CO2. By introducing a smart transport package with 5 measures, including a multi-fly tax and kilometre levy and a climate bonus for every Dutch person.

The introduction of a frequent flyer tax will reduce CO2 emissions by 3.8 tonnes and flights from Schiphol will be reduced by 23 percent. After the introduction of a multi-pilot tax, passengers will pay an additional 40 euros for the first flight, 80 euros for the second, 160 euros for the third and a maximum of 320 euros extra for each flight for four or more flights per year.

Also less nitrogen
In addition to less CO2, Milieudefensie’s smart transport package also results in a significant reduction of nitrogen. With the plan, the Netherlands emits 3,300 tons less nitrogen. Nitrogen seriously affects nature.

Climate bonus

“The new transport plan is fair, because the polluter pays,” says Bram van Liere of Milieudefensie. With the introduction of the alternative package, all households will receive an income-dependent annual climate bonus: 1000 euros for low and middle incomes, 400 for the highest 20 percent of incomes. This scheme is financed by a kilometre charge, another part of the transport package. Low incomes benefit financially from the climate bonus and higher incomes still receive an annual bonus of 450 euros.

Away from the motorway
The package also proposes shifting €1.5 billion a year from road construction to public transport and improved infrastructure for cycling. This is expected to increase the number of people using bicycles and public transport. This will save up to 1.2 megatons of CO2. Together with a kilometre charge we will make up to 30 per cent less car kilometres and emit up to 3 megaton less CO2.
Cleaner and fairer

The smart transport package contains a total of 5 measures. The flexible addition, abolition of the untaxed commuting allowance, investment in public transport and bicycles, mileage tax and the frequent flyer tax.

Van Liere: “Because of the urgency of the climate problem, road pricing is necessary, and the climate bonus makes it fair. With this plan, VVD and CDA can no longer oppose road pricing because people on low incomes will benefit from it. Only drivers who drive a lot will pay more in this plan, namely what they actually pollute. Travelling will become cleaner and fairer if politicians opt for this transport plan”.

View the brochure and download the sub-report ‘Proposals for the climate economy, accessibility package’, and read what CE Delft has to say about this sub-report.

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