250th Monday demonstration in Frankfurt

A fourth runway was opened at Frankfurt Airport on 21 October 2011, raising the noise level and emissions of pollutants in the Rhine-Main area to a new level. Thus, decreasing the quality of life and damaging the health of the people.

The protest against this remains strong. ‘Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen’ originated in the fight against the construction of the runway West (3rd runway of the airport) in the 1970s and 1980s. When the plans for the construction of a 4th lane became public, the alliance was officially founded in 1998.

One of the most important activities are the Monday demonstrations in Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. For more than 6 years, around 200 people have been protesting against their exposure to noise and air pollutants at the airport every Monday.

Everybody is invited to the 250th Anniversary Monday Demonstration on 11th June 2018.

Private accommodation can be provided. The organisers ask for support because only together can be defended what has been achieved, such as night flight restrictions.

For more informatio: AG Vernetzung des Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen, www.flughafen-bi.de

Photo © Walter Keber