Pollution – A warning from the European Commission

NO2 pollutant is a serious health risk

France, Germany, the United-Kingdom, Italy and Spain failed to put into action plans efficient enough to reduce the emissions of nitrogen dioxyde – NO2. This pollutant is a serious health risk!

If road traffic appears guilty in the Commission’s press release, in our opinion, the efforts should also include aviation.

If the evaluation of the contribution of air transport to the global pollution did include the LTO cycle, with the approach and take off, at an altitude below 3000 feet, one would notice that the contribution of air traffic to local pollution is by far more important tant declared by some national authorities listening only the aviation lobby.

To read the press release : European commission – France-UK-Spain-Germany-Italy- pointed out for lack of effort to redure NO2

Between 1990 and 2013 the contribution of aviation to the total emissions by transport activities in general has not ceased to increase dramatically.

“Click” on the photo below to access to a study for the transport commission of the European Parliament dated 2015 on green house gas and pollutant emissions from EU transport, and check page 18