German federal association calls for CO2 labels for air travel

Responsible use of our environment presupposes that people are informed about the important effects of their actions in advance of their decisions. This also applies to the choice of a means of transport, both for vacation and business trips. At the latest with the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the specification of climate protection measures, it is clear that the CO2 emissions calculated by the Federal Environment Agency for the Federal Republic of Germany for 2019 at 9,750 kg CO2eq per head of the population should be reduced to 5,300 kg in 2030 through specific measures become.

The Federal Association against Aircraft Noise is therefore calling for the mandatory introduction of a CO2 label for all air travel, since air traffic is by far the most damaging mode of transport for the climate. Already during the booking process, but also on the flight ticket itself, there must be an indication of the amount of emissions, because very few passengers will be aware that the holiday flight, e.g. from Düsseldorf to Mallorca, has almost 700 kg of CO2 emissions per passenger for the outward journey. and return flight, and an intercontinental flight often devours more than half of the CO2 annual budget that each individual would have in 2030. That is why every booking and every flight ticket includes a note: ‘Flying is harmful to the climate. Through this flight you pollute the atmosphere with xxx kg CO2.’

Carl Ahlgrimm, President of the Federal Association, explains: ‘What has been self-evident for tobacco products for years should also apply to air travel! The state has an obligation to point out to the people that air travel is particularly harmful to the climate and, last but not least, also endangers the health of all of us. We are not concerned with a ban policy, but with informing consumers about the CO2 footprint they leave behind with their decision to travel by air.’

Federal Association against Aircraft Noise