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Founded in 2000, Airportwatch is an umbrella organisation campaigning for a sustainable and equitable aviation policy in Europe. Airportwatch can count on powerful organisations like Aviation Environment Federation, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF UK to cite a few… for support in the struggle.

Airport watch produces news bulletins every 6 weeks or so to inform its readers about latest developments on UK aviation and airports.

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What’s in AirportWatch Bulletin 76 – April 2015 ?

Page 1.
– Gatwick opposition groups and MPs hand in letter to Downing Street, asking PM to recognise devastating impact of Gatwick runway
– Heathrow opposition rally shows united cross-party rejection of 3rd runway

Page 2.
– Boris turns down London City Airport expansion plans on noise grounds
Committee on Climate Change writes to Sir Howard
to say aviation CO2 emissions must not be over 2005 level by 2050

Page 3.
– Heathrow says it did not know flight path changes were continuing – blames NATS for not telling them
– Windsor MP, Adam Afriye, says on NATS/flightpath fiasco, Heathrow has either been wilfully misleading or incompetent
– Heathrow would spend £10 million to increase some domestic flights (only with a 3rd runway) to get backing from regions

Page 4.
– Heathrow funded report suggests using RAF Northolt as an interim 3rd runway for domestic flights
– Access to expanded Heathrow would cost £20 billion, TfL warns – maybe £15 billion more from the taxpayer than Commission estimate

Page 5.
– “Gatwick Obviously NOT” serves Judicial Review upon the CAA, on airspace change, with Gatwick Airport as an “Interested Party”
– Gatwick’s Tom Denton says controversial new flight navigation system is here to stay at Gatwick
Gatwick claims support for 2nd runway – but does not reveal necessary methodological detail about its polls

Page 6.
– GACC says Gatwick’s rash promise to cap landing charge at £15 puts its runway plan in doubt
– Gatwick “promises” to cap landing charges to £15 + inflation for 30 years
(if it gets an unspecified 30 year “contract” from Government)

Page 7.
– Crispin Blunt MP: Too many unanswered questions make Gatwick obviously NOT the right choice
– To conceal the real number of aircraft noise complaints, Gatwick now just records one per person per day
– Launch of the Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) as the number of planned Aerotropolis developments is rising fast

Page 8.
– Ryanair announce to Stock Exchange it has “not considered or approved any transatlantic project and does not intend to do so.”
– Manchester Airport says it is the main airport for the north – Heathrow expansion is not needed for the regions

Page 9.
– Firm behind report calling for a 50% cut in APD – York Aviation – linked to airlines. Hence bias.
– In USA the FAA’s new air traffic control system NextGen is causing major noise pollution
– Stobart have applied for £56 million government funding for 3 domestic  routes from Carlisle

Page 10.
– Troubled Berlin Brandenburg airport, due to open in June 2012, could be shut down in late summer unless €1.1 billion is raised
– HS2 Heathrow spur plans dropped by transport minister, before Airports Commission report

Page 11.
– Heathrow tells Commission its devastating impact on local villages will have a “neutral” effect on community cohesion
– Polar bear flashmob at Heathrow Terminal 2 draws attention to aviation threat to UK CO2 target
– Strong “No New Runways” bloc at the London Climate March

Page 12.
– Noise demonstration blasts 80 dB recorded plane noise outside home of Frankfurt airport CEO for 2 hours
– DfT hires Heathrow PR director Simon Baugh – to start briefing ministers etc on runways after 30th September
– This is the last bulletin before the Election.  Where do the parties stand on runways?

Page 13.
– Key question on runways & climate, for MPs & prospective parliamentary candidates
– Useful links

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