Complaining about aircraft noise with a button

Airplane Noise Complaints Are Skyrocketing: ‘I Start Pushing That Button at 6:33 a.m.’ A new invention allows people in the U.S. to register their annoyance with an inexpensive gizmo, swamping airport systems.

This you can read in the Wall Street Journal of August 24, if you pay a euro. Here we write you a summary.

Complaining about aircraft nuisance is usually made difficult with complicated procedures and forms. But from now on it’s easier than ever to file a complaint about noise from airplanes. The new invention streamlines the paperwork so aggravated people on the ground only have to push a button.

The Airnoise Button allows a person to file a complaint immediately with their local airport. It’s so easy to use that 279 user flooded authorities with 228,000 complaints last year.

To learn more about it KCBS Radio’s Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor spoke with the inventor Chris McCann, a retired U.S. Air Force test pilot. 

Here you can listen to the explaining inventor.