Local residents of Schiphol are taking the Dutch State to court

The residents, represented by the Right to Protection against Aircraft Nuisance (RBV), demand that the minister put an end to the serious nuisance and sleep disturbance caused by air traffic at Schiphol Airport.

More than 200,000 local residents are seriously disturbed by aircraft noise every day. And more than 23,000 people are disturbed in their sleep by aircraft noise. About 1.5 million local residents experience more aircraft noise than the World Health Organization (WHO) considers to be permissible from a health point of view.

It has been scientifically proven that noise pollution leads to health damage: cardiovascular diseases and learning disabilities, among other things, have been associated with serious noise pollution. Apparently the local residents have to take that for granted. Blinded by the desire to turn Schiphol into an international hub airport, the State has not yet taken any measures that effectively protect local residents against aircraft noise.

Noise ánd Emissions

Not only aircraft noise, but also other consequences of the increasing air traffic have adverse effects on the health of local residents. Emissions of carcinogenic and other harmful substances, such as particulate matter and ultra-fine particulate matter, have increased with air traffic. And here too, the State is lax in taking measures to protect local residents.

In the summons issued today to the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, RBV states that the State is acting unlawfully and is violating the right to protection of the personal living environment of local residents.

It is incomprehensible to local residents that, without proper substantiation of the economic importance of an international hub airport in the Netherlands, time and again chooses to subordinate the well-being and health of those 1.5 million local residents.

RBV has hired a law firm that specializes in human rights and has previously won significant proceedings against the State.