Schiphol Airport forced to reduce number of flights

Success for residents in campaigning noise nuisances

Schiphol airport has to reduce the number of take off and landing slots from the maximum of 500,00 to 440,000 per year from November 2023, the Dutch minister of infrastructure Mark Harbers confirmed on Friday. This cut of 12% cut would see traffic back at 2014 levels. The reduction is necessary to cope with noise and other forms of pollution, Harbers said. A ‘new balance’ is needed between ‘the importance of a good international airport, a good business climate and the importance of a better and healthier living environment. It is an illusion to think you can have 500,000 flights in this situation. Local residents are inconvenienced by flight noise and are concerned about the effects of aviation on their health, the environment and the climate.’

The number of 440,000 is based solely on noise. Nitrogen is a separate matter and not yet clear, but current standards block all construction activities (homes, roads, airports, etc.). And Schiphol does not comply with the nature permit, so the maximum number can fall considerably.

Residents have, of course, argued in favor of a strong reduction in recent years. And also show that there is no economic damage caused by contraction.

Now the government still has to be convinced that the hub function must be exchanged for an origin & destination model. Then the number of flight movements can be reduced to 250,000 to 300,000. That would make the living environment a lot healthier, because there is also a very disturbing report from the ministry about ultra-fine particles…