Negotiating a ban on night flights

ARGE gegen Fluglärm (Citizens Working Group against Aircraft Noise) from Vienna is negotiating improvements to the 2-runway system, including a ban on night flights.

In view of the sharp increase in aircraft movements since 2017 and the fact that the 3rd runway, although legally finally approved, will not come until 2030, but still unaware of the lockdowns to combat the Corona pandemic that began in March 2020, the ARGE requested in the autumn of 2019 in the dialogue forum that negotiations on improvements to air traffic in the 2-runway system should begin. This motion was adopted in December 2019. The time of the Corona pandemic has made negotiations in attendance hardly possible, so the start of these negotiations has been delayed until now. But now they have begun.

These negotiations take place in mediation between the stakeholders of the dialogue forum. The topics are air traffic operations, especially night flight regulations, technical noise protection within the 54dB aircraft noise zone and the environmental fund.

In the area of night flight regulations, ARGE is striving for a ban on night flights of 8 hours. Achieving this will not be easy, because both the airport management and Austrian Airlines, as negotiators for the airlines, are very reluctant. But ARGE is convinced that it has good arguments and will fight vigorously for this goal.