Residents’ claims for Bundestag elections

Show political responsibility, implement noise control measures!

On September 24 there are Bundestag elections in Germany and the parties in Berlin are keen to determine their programs for the coming ruling period. This time the protection against aircraft noise is finally massively considered by all participants. The authorities, municipalities and Bundestag were represented at the parliamentary evening of the Federal Association against Aircraft Noise (BVF) and the Association of German aircraft noise commissions (ADF) on June 28 in Berlin.

For Helmut Breidenbach, President of the BVF, the current federal government has nearly none of its numerous promises regarding noise control implemented. ‘In view of the growing concern and new insights on health risks, there must be better protection against aircraft noise. This must be a central environmental policy task of the next federal government.

The Chairman of the ADF, Thomas Jühe, asked for more legislation in the field of protection against air protection: ‘In a developed society, appropriate solutions to air pollution problems have also been established in other forms of transport. Politics is therefore required to present studies on the health effects of aircraft noise and other imperfections of the air transport industry.’

Studies at the biggest airport in Germany, Frankfurt, have shown years ago that passive noise protection (insulation) is not enough. In the summer, people are logically opening their windows, which is therefore harmful to health. A strengthening of the active noise protection (at the source) remains therefore a very urgent point for the new Bundestag.

The BVF and the ADF therefore require the introduction of true emission and noise management limits, in order to force airport operators to take sustainable, active measures against harmful emissions and noise. So should be stipulated by law that in the flight route setting noise protection is to be taken into account with a higher priority than before. They also committed to strengthen noise protection when defining flight routes. And furthermore, the introduction of a noise component at air traffic taxes is needed.