T+E and UECNA together against emissions

Next week there is an important voting concerning the European emission trading scheme. This week we contacted our countrymen in the European parliament to convince them to vote for the most ambitious proposal possible. What is at stake?

Transport & Environment published a document with the following summary:

The complete text you can find here.


Our advise

Next week the ENVI Committee will vote on amendments to the Girling report “Continuing current limitations of scope for aviation activities and to prepare to implementing a global market-based measure from 2021”.

Aviation is a major emitter, and its emissions are growing rapidly at a global level, and grew 8% in the EU last year. To date it has remained largely exempt from effective climate policies, and enjoys considerable tax exemptions which spurs its growth. An effective CORSIA interacting with a reformed EU ETS can ensure aviation makes a fair contribution to Europe’s climate objectives. I therefore call on you to support this with the following votes:

  • Scope: Vote for A126, to apply full-scope EU ETS from 2021 to those developed countries which refuse to take part in CORSIA. Full-scope was suspended to facilitate a global measure. If a developed state refuse to take part in this global measure, than full-scope ETS should apply.
  • Non-CO2: Vote for A79, A80 and A137 in introduce measures to address aviation’s non-CO2 climate effects. These non-CO2 effects can equal aviation’s CO2 effects, but remain unaddressed to date. A79 and A80 set aside revenue to research this problem, A137 requests the Commission to come forward with a proposal
  • Auctioning: Vote for A72, A73 to introduce 100% auctioning of allowances instead of 15%. As the Commission’s impact assessment admits, the aviation sector is not at risk of carbon leakage. And given the sector already enjoys substantial VAT and fuel tax exemptions, this is a way for member states to recoup a limited amount of lost revenue.
  • Review: Vote for CA6 to achieve a transparent effective review. Any future action on CORSIA requires clear information on what it is and how the features compare with the EU ETS for future European compliance with ICAO and domestic climate targets.
  • LRF: Vote AGAINST A93, A95 and A96 to retain the Linear Reduction Factor. Introducing an LRF for the aviation cap will ensure aviation is treated the same as other sectors and transport modes, for example rail. It will also ensure Europe does not backslide on its 2030 commitments.

I hope that we can count on your support to start putting aviation on a path to do its fair share in Europe.