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Funded in 2000, Airportwatch is an umbrella organisation campaigning for a sustainable and equitable aviation policy in Europe. Airportwatch can count on powerful organisations like Aviation Environment Federation, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF UK to cite a few… for support in the struggle.

Airport watch produces news bulletins every 6 weeks or so to inform its readers about latest developments on UK aviation and airports.

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What’s in AirportWatch Bulletin 75 – February 2015 ?

Page 1
– MPs deliver letter to David Cameron to remind him to keep his “no ifs, no buts, there will be no 3rd runway” promise
– Detailed critique by Hillingdon Council of the Airports Commission’s failure to cover health issues adequately
– Heathrow has paid Chambers of Commerce around the country to hold events, to drum up business support …

Page 2
– … And Heathrow spent £17 million on promoting 3rd runway
–  Heathrow claims “Those living around us are behind us” – those living under its flight paths do not agree
– The stubborn 30% who remain opposed to a 3rd runway could be politically more important than those who support it

Page 3
– Defra data on NO2 emissions show Heathrow would breach limits by 2030, even with just 2 runways – let alone 3
– Advertising Standards Authority finds Heathrow advert about increased trade breaches their code and is ‘misleading’

Page 4
– On final day of Commission consultation, Heathrow raises size of its noise insulation offer, if it gets a 3rd runway
– Heathrow’s improved noise offer wouldn’t help residents in many areas
– All Party Parliamentary Group analysis shows a 3rd runway at Heathrow would be at the expense of surrounding airports

Page 5
– Almost every council around Gatwick, or affected by it, opposes 2nd runway
– GACC submits its response to Commission consultation

Page 6
– West Sussex County Council votes to oppose a 2nd Gatwick runway (Kent CC has already done so)
– Crawley Borough Council votes by 25:11 to oppose 2nd runway at Gatwick
– Virgin, Thales and TUI promise not to leave Crawley even if Gatwick doesn’t get a 2nd runway

Page 7
– Gatwick’s biggest airline, easyJet, backs new runway at Heathrow – not at Gatwick
– In November, Willie Walsh said there was no business case for a 2nd Gatwick runway
– National Trust claims Gatwick expansion would harm Wakehurst Place – and other historic properties

Page 8
– Gaping holes in Airports Commission’s analysis of airport expansion conceal potential environmental disaster
– Some of the many responses to the Airports Commission consultation
– CAA: “Facing up to aviation’s environmental challenges is the key to building new runway”

Page 9
–  Can the UK build a new runway, and stay within the aviation carbon cap?
– Three new briefings on whether a new runway can be added within the CO2 cap

Page 10
– Report by Oxera for Birmingham Airport criticises Commission’s analysis on impacts of Heathrow runway on regional airports
– London City Airport expansion plan gets go-ahead despite concern it will create ‘noise ghettos and misery’
– City Airport wants to press ahead with controversial flight changes despite only 3% support in recent consultation

Page 11
– Manchester hopes to persuade more in its catchment area  not to fly via London airports
– Boris wants Network Rail to work on improved London-Stansted rail link
– Network Rail plans go on snow, for improved rail link to Heathrow T5  from the west – by tunnel

Page 12
– UN climate negotiations need to get agreed emissions targets for international aviation and shipping
– DEFRA National Noise Attitude Survey 2012 shows extent of interference from aircraft noise in people’s lives
– London leads as the world’s top airline hub by a wide margin – by number of passengers through its 5 airports

Page 13
– Labour Party plans “Infrastructure Commission” if it gets into power, to get things like runways agreed quickly
– NATS to introduce “Time Based Separation” (TBS) at Heathrow  to cut delays in windy conditions