‘No further expansion of freight airport Leipzig/Halle’

German petition

The planned expansion of the DHL cargo flight center at Leipzig-Halle Airport is expected to lead to an increase in CO2 emissions from the current approx. 6.2 million tons to approx. 10 million tons.

Citizens’ initiative ‘Against the new flight route’ protests against this and refers to situations at other European airports.

Leipzig/Halle Airport

This expansion is therefore contrary to the Paris climate agreement, which actually includes a reduction in CO2 emissions. Other airports in Europe are implementing this agreement by taking appropriate measures, such as stopping expansions. For example, due to concerns about climate protection, the expansion of London Heathrow Airport has been halted since 2020.(1) The Dutch government has since followed the London example. It has imposed a take-off/landing limit at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, allowing 11% fewer aircraft to take off and land this year than before the 2020 corona pandemic.(2)

If the expansion in Leipzig does not stop – and as before there are no restrictions (e.g. prohibition (3,4) or extremely high landing fees for noise and CO2 intensive aircraft) – these flights from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and other airports will be moved to Leipzig, which according to the Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport forms the basis for the success of the Leipzig-Halle freight hub.(5)

The Saxon state government is thereby undermining national and European efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from air traffic.

The citizens’ group asks that these updated facts be passed on to the rapporteurs so that they can be taken into account in their decision on the petition.

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